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The Blepharitis treatment kit is the best value for Blepharitis sufferers to relieve symptoms of red eyes, burning, foreign body sensation and soreness. 

The moist heat therapies use heat to help loosen the oils we need to slow evaporation of our natural tears.  The increased humidity created reduces the evaporation of natural and artificial tears while wearing the goggles, creating a soothing enviroment for the cornea. 

Foaming eye cleaner removes all dirt.  The Tea Tree, Chamomile and Shea Butter formula is Ph balanced at 7.0 for the tear film, allowing for safe, comfortable use around the eyes.

The kit includes:

  • 1 Tranquileyes goggle in color of choice (request in comments)
  • 2 Sets of instant thermoeyes (4 gel packs)
  • 1 Set of thermoeyes beads (2 green gel packs)
  • 6 Sets of foam replacements (foam with sensitive skin is default foam - note in comments if you prefer foam with fabric).
  • 2 Cleaner for foam 25ml
  • 1 Net wash bag
  • 1 Eye foaming cleaner
  • 1 Clear zipper carry and storage case with black handle

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